Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy F***ing New Year

Haha what a joke. I went to London to celebrate new year with a few friends. The plan was to just tour around London throughout the day and observe the firework during the night. It was, I suppose, quite a dear day out. However, that is really not the worst part. While the day was pretty good, after the countdown and the fireworks, due to the crowd, the train station was barred by the police so I missed my last train home. I tried to keep warm by going back and forth in the underground tube and ended up in Charing Cross. After getting chucked out at five, I got some food to eat from McDonalds and stayed in there for warmth but got chucked out of there as well at around half past five. So I had no choice but to wait out in the cold till half six. My feet were cold and the body was very tired. After the station opened, I went to inquire about the expired ticket and told them it wasn’t my fault I didn’t get on the train earlier in the morning so I shouldn’t have to pay for another ticket. They were fussy at first but later agreed to let us travel with the same ticket after more people complained. I boarded the train at half past eight. On the way, I did a couple of drawings so commemorate my resolution for the new year, namely, reaching new frontiers of creativity. So all in all, a crazy start to a new year. Hopefully you all had a good one as well :)

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