Monday, 19 January 2009

Exams and deadlines

“Oh wow, how interesting… he is writing about his deadlines… now I can bore myself my reading it” is my obvious guess at what you might be thinking right now. Apologies if I’m wrong… but please, you don’t have to read this.

Since I’ve already bored you with the pointless paragraph, I’m going to talk about the actual point of this whole blog which takes us back to the title. Detail design deadline… and three days for the Building Environment exam, and another two days for Structures exam and the History essay deadline three days ago. Fun.

Its amazing how quickly all of that passed. For Detail Design, didn’t sleep for three whole days. Don’t know how I did that… of course I took a few power naps here and there. But even then, I managed to miss the deadline because I was so tired, I just couldn’t help but go to sleep and got up ten minutes before the deadline and I had an entire poster to finish. Therefore, I ran across to Martin’s office and he was kind enough to allow me to finish off the poster past the deadline.

The Building Environment test… I have mixed feeling regarding how the result is going to reflect the amount of effort I put into it. I hope to pass… because I don’t think horrendously bad but due to the fact that I only spent 3 days of the whole semester trying to revise for it, I just don’t know whether that was enough effort or not.

As for the Structures test, it seemed to go okay but after the end of the exam and whilst discussing the method of derivation with friends, we all seemed to have different results for some of the questions that seemed to be easy… but we’ll see how it goes. The first question was relatively simple to get past even though I spent a whole 20 minutes on it because I had doubts over whether I’d miss easy marks but I think I did it fine at the end after a lot of scribbling over and rewriting.

The essay submission which I stayed up all night doing, was mostly spent on trying to decide what pictures would go on it as well as labelling the pictures. I was brain dead halfway through the night so had to wait till the Student Union shop opened in the morning so I could recharge myself with Relentless. The body felt terrible due to the fact that I had consumed three cans of it before the deadline but ended up consuming another can after the deadline. However, all I needed to ensure was that I’d not go to sleep and miss the deadline like the last time. Managed to get the poster done before the essay and wasn’t particularly impressed with the conclusion in the essay but didn’t feel as though I had enough time left so spent the last hour trying to print off the essay and the poster. Twelve minutes before the deadline, I sent the poster off to the printer with Philippos’s help, due to the fact that he let me use his printer credit . I handed it in two minutes before the deadline. I felt sorry for a few people who were still waiting to get their posters printed and missed the deadline because this girl from higher year was trying to get her huge drawings printer. But apparently, later found out that Rob accepted their work after the deadline anyway.

Have been just chilling out for the last couple of days and not worrying too much about the exam on Friday. Not too worried about it as long as I get some light revision done before the date. Probably will have to get started properly tomorrow. Have been showing Philippos the videos on Zeitgeist and he pushed him into a thinking mode. I am myself unsure about my position because the way they talk about resource based economy and its advantage over money based economy sounds almost too good to be true. Even Stefan Molyneux seems to be sceptical about the proposition made. However, I wouldn’t mind supporting it and seeing how the world would turn out if the plan was implemented. Surely it can’t be worse than the present state of the world.

Been talking to Andrea and Mike today, I know you guys might read this so I don’t mean to mention you guys in any particular order. We talked for a few hours on MSN and talked about abiding to a code of conduct which includes: always speak the truth; always be reasonable; and always be virtuous. They didn’t seem to be too happy about following these conducts even though I tried to explain how they shouldn’t treat other people if they don’t want to be treated in the same way. I don’t know. I hope to have at least made them think about it. I believe its all about informing people so everyone is closer to the objective reality of which I have ever diminishing doubt of its existence which is a complete contrast to how I felt about it probably last year. Can’t help myself but laugh about it now.

And it was really nice to actually speak to Sangam as well after such a long time. Haven’t had any contact with her in months. She sounded very happy and almost sounded as if she had a Japano-Nepalese accent. It was quite strange but nice at the same time. I was pleased to hear that she was taking photography lessons and had really made progress in her Japanese. Can’t wait to hear her speak in Japanese someday.

Ben helped me with my shopping today as well for which I have to thank him again. He’s a good friend and his sarcastic humour is admirable. We have long philosophical conversations once in a while and I always find them pleasant.

Just as a side note, I can’t stand him anymore. The only conversation we ever seem to have is about housing. I really don’t want to be in the same house as him. Similar music taste doesn’t mean we have the same personality. I just hope that my behaviour around him will get that point across to him. I can’t confront him directly for complex reasons that I am unable to get across on here. He knows who he is.

I think that would be it. Congratulations for getting this far. Ta ta!

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