Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Anxiety over deadlines

Another big break before I'm posting here again. Continue this trend and the next time I post, I will be quite dead already. So to excite the enthusiasm of posting blogs, I'm going to tease myself with a bit of what it used to be like. I know for a fact that I enjoy it... I just haven't 'bothered' frankly. Perhaps due to its zero popularity inferred from the dead statistics of comments posted for the previous entries. This one is for my own reference alone so it doesn't trouble me too much knowing no one is going to read it or find it interesting enough to comment.

I had two assignments, nothing more. I only have a week left out of three weeks of time I had. In fact, its less than a week. I have read and re-read various articles on Le Corbusier and also have been going back to the actual brief trying to understand what it is actually asking of me but have not managed to make any sense of it at all.  With a genetic trait that reduces me to a retard when it comes to writing essays, it makes the matters much much worse.

Lets not even talk about the detail design assignment… haven't even started giving it thoughts yet.

And this is a jar of pickled onion

The past few months have been a rollercoaster ride. After much consideration, I'm now an anarchist from no political views at all and an atheist from an agnostic. Life suddenly feels much lighter. I can spot the birds flying in the sky again. Time too, for the past few months, feels like it is strapped to a jet engine. Everytime I blink, its another day. Not even being poetic here.

Okay, I'm not going to make this one too long because part of the reason I stopped blogging was I always waited long enough to write lots of stuff then get tired and get bored. So I'm going keep these babies short and sweet and easier for you to digest as well. x

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Bharat Kunwar said...

haha the only blog i posted over the whole year.