Saturday, 14 June 2008

Exams are over!

Wow! It kept me busy for so long, I even forgot I had a blog. Well, of course I knew I had a blog but I never had the time to update it so I guess I should apologize to the non-existent readers for that. Anyway, just dropping by to reflect on how my mentality has changed over this period I have vanished. But before that, I just want to declare this "Yay!" feeling that I have about the exams being over. So I guess I am sort of happy about that.

If you have come here as a result of watching my YouTube videos, I realize how I expressed at some point that I thought the world was just an illusion. I didn't explain it very clear there but I have a good reason for not being able to... and that is, I didn't know why I thought the world was as illusion. Perhaps just re-telling the same thing someone else told. One can only speculate.

However, ever since, I have been on a quest to find out why. First of all, I had to realize the purpose of life. I decided that the purpose of life is to be happy. Or content or whatever. Because, boy it feels good to be content. We all seek contentment in one form or another. Some might believe they can be content by killing themselves, thus by ending the worldly suffering or just go and doing what they enjoy most. I think I like the second approach better. However, most people take the suffer we see around the world for granted. Like there is supposed to be suffering without any cause and there is nothing we can do to avoid it. I see that to be a ludicrous approach to life. Any rational human being knows that freedom is out there. Hence we feel compelled to compare everything we have in our lives to that idea of freedom. If the idea of freedom is rational, it is definitely possible. This is due to the fact that rationality resembles consistency with logic. I think you get my point here so I will move on.

So what makes us happy? In personal terms, getting what we want and doing what we enjoy most. In social terms, honesty and reception of non-aggressive behaviors. My idea of aggression consists of any form of facial expression that resembles even a slight tint of motive to cause discomfort to gory knife slashing throat slitting horror flicks you get to see in horror movies but of course in reality, including everything in between. (eg. a punch)

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