Thursday, 31 May 2007


I finally understand it. Although, I need to try it out first before I can believe it. But my mind is very faithful with the idea of the secret - the law of attraction. I just watched a very philosophical documentary about the law of attraction. I am starting to think that I was probably led to watch it because I wanted some change, an improved change in my life. And there it is, on my doorstep, waving at me. I couldn't help but be felt inspired. Yes, it was indeed that good. These are some of the quotes that I noted down from the course of watching the documentary that I picked up to have great values. Of course, there was more of them but my mind could only pick up so much and I am planning to watch it again at some point in the future to prevent tediousness of mind. Here they are:

  • Treat yourself how you want to be treated and love yourself until you're so full you overfill so that goes to others.
  • You create your own reality.
  • Energy and God are related. They can't be created nor destroyed. It has been there, its there and always will be there. Only difference is who describes it, a theologist or a quantum physicist.
  • Believe that everything will go right from here and it will.
  • Whether you say you can or you can't, you're right.
  • Focus upon what you want that you believe possible, you'll get it.
  • The more you think about what you don't want, the more of it you shall get as you're focusing your energy into it.
  • There's nothing you're supposed to do, only what you want to do.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful towards what you have and you're happy with, it will remain that way.
  • The more you use the law of attraction, the more you'll understand about it.
  • Write, illustrate, feel.... the things that you really want.

I made a few of those up but I thought they made enough sense bring them to attention of your mind. Mind, how beautiful it is... how addictive it can make you... how it creates a sense of existence... for reasons who know what. How it leaves us with an opportunity to define our purpose... leaves us with the choice as to where we want to go next... how it sometimes exaggerates what we perceive... simply to test us, to find out just how rigid we are... to figure out just how we're going to cope with it if we're able to cope with it and if we choose to cope with it. On the pursuit of bettering the quality of life, betterness defined by health I've always had till the date, the wealth I'd opt to have more of but not short of and the love that will leave a mark of our existence after we're gone, I'd have to think of only the things I want and have a non-existent idea of things I wish I didn't have. Of course to realize what we want, we'd have to contrast it with feelings that negate our desire. After realizing what it is that we want, we can always suppress the negative feelings. Once someone whose name was Rachael asked me "Why are you so happy?" Now, need there be a reason to be happy? Happiness is just a state of mind that we can choose to establish which will make the better of us. Sometimes, my mind rewards me for being happy. It rewards me with answers to questions and things I never thought I'd ever think of. It just made me realize how the word "Michael" and "Rachael" only have the first two letters different yet sound so different when pronounced. Now you don't come across realizing that everyday and that makes me so happy that I did. Okay, not much to say about my life... when I feel like it, I will tell you.

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