Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Okay what are these banks upto? They don't even show the balance correctly... why does my day have to start off with a rush nowadays... and today, I have the bank to blame for it... Why? Because I thought I had balance in my account as it showed 39.00 on the online banking page... So I was all please but at the same time, confused because I couldn't think of where it could have come from. I rushed to the cash point... and entered the pin... had my train in 5 minutes... waited... pressed Withdraw Cash... £10.00... and it tells me I have insufficient funds on my account... I was like what the fuck! It was clean and clearly displayed there was 39.00 and I thought I noticed a D next to those digits... Then I realized I was debited by the bank... I mean... seriously... if I am in debt, shouldn't it be better indicated? I mean... its a debt for fuck's sake... what if I never realized and I was started getting charged... Ugh... other than that, another productive day... pleased with all these productive days following one after another... it actually feels good in a way... I just realized I still haven't replied to that gap year program thing... Sandie her name is... I just don't know what to say when I do reply... its such a dilemma... dont know what I'm going to do... whether I want to stay on at school next year or do that job with the engineering firm. Actually... I do actually want to do the engineering work experience... but my parents... they are a bit hesitant about it... and really making me reconsider matters every time... and its just taking longer and longer... I do want to reply as soon as possible as the opportunity is slipping by every ticking second... I just tell myself I need more time to think... although there is nothing to think about... I know what I want to do... I just need to figure out what is stopping me... I guess I am going to do some more maths again later... really need to finish that last exercise in the last chapter of the last book of the last year of maths... for A levels of course... who knows.. I might be doing Maths in university.... we'll just have to wait and see... I really like what i did today at Art lesson... Took me total of 5 hours to complete... and was fairly pleased with the end result. If I carry on at this rate, I am bound to have thousands of artworks before I'm dead... I guess it could be possible but like every other artist, I'd only be renowned after my death... lol.. but I guess pleasing the current audience is just as important so I guess I will be focusing on that throughout my life... Oh yeah, I will definitely do that... in fact, I will paint more than a thousand artwork... maybe 10,000 or so... yeah that should be enough.. I think I will stop talking nonsense now and get back to work.. laters.

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