Thursday, 26 April 2007

Computing Coursework Deadline Eve

Today wasn't too bad either. Quite productive I thought. Completed 2 paintings. I thought the one Gillen picked was an interesting one because it ended up looking quite nice... still need to do some more work on it though... I will probably finish it by tomorrow. The computing deadline is tomorrow as well so I am gonna have to work as hard as I can to get it done tonight. The testing and implementation bit is the one that I really have to get done... That prick was talking to me today... I decided I'd just play along and talk back and see what he had to say... apparently he wanted me to see from freaky video... which I thought was quite freaky to start with so I decided to turn the volume down... but it was not that bad at all... It was this girl who had a cranky voice and she talks at the screen and puts her face down in a bowl and straightens up again and finishes with another cranky bit then it ends... that was basically it... I thought it was going to scream at my face or something... well glad thats over.... Rob is trying to reach me on msn right now but I am too busy writing this so he's gonna have to wait... sorry dude... lol. So what else did I do today... oh had a really good stomach flushing early in the morning... the Senna tablets are miracles... they work like magic... I think I will stick with them for the rest of my life coz they are actually really helpful... I can go to restrooms regularly... I think I will not talk too much about this. Omg, I'm getting so good at integration its crazy... although I cant understand why I got that problem wrong earlier... probably because I was in a bit of a hurry trying to finish it before the train stopped at Ashford. Well I will have a look at that later... Tej and his family from nextdoor are coming over tomorrow for dinner... looking forward to that... also looking forward to the beer craving relief remedy later tonight once everyone is asleep. Thats about it. Catch you tomorrow.

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