Saturday, 28 April 2007


Oh no I was really hoping to post a blog everyday for the rest of the year but I suppose I've kind of messed up now coz I didnt post one yesterday... I was so tired last night coz I hadnt had sleep for nearly 44 hours... I was wrecked and were guests in the house, I just fell asleep on the sofa whilst listening to them chat... Hopefully I didn't offend them in anyway coz I remember hearing my parents explaining to them why I was like that. I guess I will try and remember everything that I can actually remember from yesterday and post them here coz memory does seem to decline loads when you haven't had sleep... since I can hardly remember anything. Well... I remember being tired as a dead meat throughout the day.... and I remember doing lots of art... I was doing it till nearly 5 o clock and managed to miss my train because I was just on time at the station to see the train leave so I had to wait for the express train at the Central station... luckily there was still a train available to take me to Central coming from Ashford. Then as we had the Barbecue organized, I was supposed to cook/burn the meat till my dad got back from work... After he got back, I watched a little bit of South Park... oh I'm so hooked to South Park at the moment... obviously not as hooked as Bikrant is to Naruto but I need 1 or 2 doses a day... that sorta thing.... I was so glad it was weekend coz I could sleep all I wanted and indeed I did.. got up at 9... and after washing up, watched the news. Apparently there was some earthquake but I didn't even feel it... I've never felt an earthquake in my life so I was really hoping I could witness this one but I've missed it again coz I was sleeping... :( Ah well, hopefully there will be another one before I die... Hmm well... don't know what else to say... I don't know what I will be doing for the rest of the day... hopefully my homework... talking about work, I am going back to work next week on Friday... and also talking about work, I finished the drawing that I started months ago on photo shop... I decided to make them elves for some reason... I tried uploading it to DA but apparently their server isn't working properly so I'm gonna have to try again later on.... well this is it for today... laters.

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