Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Hot Summer Day

Well I can gladly say that was another productive day... although I wish it could be more productive.... I've been wasting time for the last 2 hours surfing about... not doing any work with exams and coursework deadlines right ahead of me... okay.. I will definitely do them after I finish writing this... Oh, sorry... I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Bharat and if you read on, there will be more about me... as for now... all you will need to know and will know is my name. I spent my day today doing my art project. Made this painting of a lovely view... that I took a picture of a while back. I like it the most among everything I took but everyone else seems to disagree. In contrast to yesterday, today has been an all in all a better day... Posted that painting with trees today on deviantart... if you wanna check it out, you need to visit The chemistry revision was also adequately helpful. Learnt about benzene chemistry and transition metal chemistry. Oh, nearly forgot the reaction order chemistry... I learnt that when the concentration of a certain reagent in a certain reaction is changed, the rate might double, quadruple or just remain constant. When the concentration doubles as well as the rate, its first order reaction. When it double while the rate quadruples, its a second order reaction. When the rate remains constant while the concentration change, its a zero order reaction. It finally made sense... That moment felt so happy when I got it.... what else... really need to finish that computing coursework later. Erm.... that chemistry lesson earlier this morning was also helpful. Did loads of repeats of that potassium manganate 25cm cube., sulphuric acid 20 cm cube. and potassium iodide 15 cm cube. where you mix em up all and titrate them with sodium thiosulphate. After it turns pale straw in colour, add the starch and titrate really slowly till it turns clear. The average titre result was 21.5 cm cube. Oh and i need to do the calculation for that as well. Wow writing a diary really is helpful. Helps you remember thing....

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