Monday, 30 April 2007

EarthQuake Holiday

Okay I will give up posting everyday coz this is the second time I messed up. I will just post one whenever I can. Anyway... a surprise holiday today... thanks to the nature... Apparently the structural stability of the school isn't very good... So it had to be shut down for investigation. Ah well, I can live with that although I very much fear how I am going to finish my Art coursework by the end of this week... I will definitely have to do some work later today... Ive just been doing lots of maths.. Been getting chuffed at myself for managing to solve every listed problem without any teacher's help. Thats to that website, I can even check if I've done it right... Calculus.Org I think it was. But I keep getting confused with really simple things now that I've starting handling a bit more complicated problems. Couldn't even integrate mere inverse square root of x. But as always since yesterday, which was when I found the website, I've been getting the help from that website when I need it.. its a very good substitute teacher... Anyway, didn't do a lot yesterday either... except of course for the occasional homework and watching TV. Omg would you believe who I met yesterday online? It was Jessica, not talked to her in over a year... I was so happy... She seemed equally pleased to meet me as well. We had a long conversation which lasted for hours. She even sent me pictures of her. This may sound sad, being happy getting reunited with someone in the internet who you met over the internet in the first place... but it was more than that... We were quite close and we spent so many hours together in Runescape. We were almost always there for each other. She was a large portion of a reason why I stopped playing RS because it just seemed so pointless without her... You wouldn't believe what a joyful moment it was when I was talking to her again. She told me she was going to university and she had her own place. She even mentioned she was after a guy with personality like mine but not the looks... Which I don't mind too much... People say that but I have grown up learning not to take offense when someone talks about how you look. Actually, I know what I look like and I actually like it when people are being honest. I'm drawing for a contest held my Ida Mary Walker in deviant art. I'm drawing a Pirate Girl sitting back on a treasure chest under a palm tree in an island with a ship arriving on the horizon. Ida has such a good stack of photos you can choose and draw from and until yesterday, I hadn't even realized that she was an amazing artist herself than just a model. I looked at her collection and they were just amazing pieces of work. The more I do art, the more I realize there are always going to be people who are better than I am and that is what motivates me to push harder to reach my highest potential. I just hope I can carry of this legacy for a significant portion of my life if not all. And I also hope I can do it for other subjects other than art coz as of this moment, I only seem to be doing that for art. Anyway.. I think i will stop writing now... so peace out.

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